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About Graham

Born on October 28th 1978 the third son of four to Liam & Margaret Norris. He weighed in at 7lb 9 Ounces was in perfect health and was Christened & Baptised at Cappoquin Parish Church. He grew up in Lemybrien at Crottys Inn where the family run business centred round the Kilrossanty Football TeamEntertainment & Country Music Sessions and

he had a brilliant happy childhood. He loved meeting all the Stars of that time and was always ready to have his photo taken with them.

He was adored by his elder brothers Victor & Glen.

He was educated at KiIrossanty National School and St.Augustines College Abbeyside,Dungarvan

leaving with honours.


 His had a real interest in Art and Film and that went on to take up the spare minutes in his life. His greatest loves were his parents his Brothers & Manchester United but especially his mum who meant everything to him. He also adored his Grand Dad who passed away on January 26th 1996. He kept a photo of himself with his Grandad and also one of his Grave Stone on his bedside locker and found it hard to talk about him.





On leaving College in 1996 he joined Slattery's Electrical to do his apprenticeship.He helped out his brothers at Race meetings which also included working at Cheltenham racecourse.

He attended most of the Southern Point To Point race meetings and especially when the family yard had a runner.


In the Evenings & Weekends he would join Gary with the important jobs on the Farm. He had a full schedule with things to do and places to go but no matter where he went he near always came home at night.



He passed his Driving Test in 2002 and had the same car until he bought the new car in July 2005 but he kept it in the Garage until he took out his own Insurance Policy with Tesco having done the driving exam required. He received his Insurance on the Friday prior to his death on Wednesday October 12th 2005. While waiting for his own Insurance to come through he would go into the Garage and have a look at his new car near every day but never considered using it until everything was above board that was his way.


Graham was always laid back in his attitude to everything and never wanted to be involved in anything that would cause the slightest problem. He really loved been at home in his room with his books and doing his writing in his spare time. He was writing scripts for ten years and had a few films put to paper    It was not to be and he was taken without warning from this life. His room was his Heaven and he would love when everyone else was away where he could have peace to do his own thing. Graham was happy with home life that he shared for over twenty years with his youngest brother Gary. They never ever had an argument and Graham would do most of Garys shopping. He had an obsession with shopping and would always be on the lookout for a coat/jumper or pants to suit Gary and If he liked It then Gary would also like it. Both worked on some kind of radar and Garys life was completely shattered by the loss of his brother & best Pal.

After the Business at Lemybrien was sold the family moved to their new home on their Farm at Glendalligan. Now the family all have to live without Graham and as time goes by the pain of loosing him has got increasingly worse. Most days someone is suicidal with little or no light at the end of the tunnel and the worst point of all is to know Graham could not live without his family.  

Graham was taken from this world In circumstances that haunts us all.

L to R:        Gary, Graham, Glen, Victor



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