Personal Note

Losing Graham has destroyed all our lives. He had a heart of gold and having to deal with his loss has made our lives a living hell.

He was a part of our everyday life and now we have to struggle on without him.

We have nothing but good memories of him and we now believe he was a Saint in his own right'    if there really is such a thing.

Personally I am only now coming to terms with the situation and now realise that I will never see him or be able to put my arms around him again. He never ever leaves my mind' not for a second.

     I watch my wife Margaret & Gary my son struggle desperately every day to cope.                           My other sons Victor & Glen have there own families but I know the pain they go through and all the things that they had not got around to doing together.

I have imprints in my mind that I can't remove the worst been the desperation of us all as a family on the morning Graham was leaving the house for his Burial when everyone sat down writing goodbye notes to put in his coffin, it really was the most terrible ordeal.

Worse still I had a dream one night that I really can't get out of my mind and I always fear to go there again as it is to upsetting.

It went like this' I was walking in this lovely garden somewhere ( heaven ) ?  I was never there   before and everything looked so clean with patio slabs' palm trees' and a lovely smell of flowers.    I especially admired the lovely leather seats around the garden and as I walked around a corner there was Graham sitting down and he was crying. He looked exactly like the last time we were together.  I sat down beside him holding him and I was trying to console him and said to him      this is a lovely place.

He said I hate been here and all I want is to go home with you.

I love you dad.

I then woke up but ever since I carry this memory that sends shivers up my spine

and they never leave me.

The other desperate memory is to be standing by his graveside looking down on him

as he was laid to Rest.

It is nothing but a living hell since and the only thing that keeps me sane is to put every ounce of strength I possess into getting some Justice for Graham because he got none.

  Graham done nothing wrong but is dead and gone forever.   The only good thing was that we brought Graham home and had him with us right to the very last minute before he went to be buried.

I would recommend this practice to everybody.




I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our friends and neighbours for the help that they provided to us at that terrible time & also to all the people that travelled from places as far away as Belfast' Galway' down to South Kerry all to pay their respects to Graham.

Also thanks to everyone that sent Cards I Flowers and letters of Sympathy and to all that now call to spend time with Graham at his Place of Rest.


A very special thanks to the man who came forward following our request on this Website for  witnesses. He is a man of great courage and has suffered alot himself due to the shock of what he saw. He is the very last person to be with Graham and only for him we would never have known the true facts of what happened.

We would also like to thank 2 other withnesses that supplied us in writing with what they saw at the scene. Those 3 people are very special in our lives and they will know that this acknowledgent applys to them.    


Also a



To Close;

I conclude by stating that the most hurtful aspect is not having our lovely son who was priceless to us and secondly that Stephen Kelly who caused Grahams Death 

was allowed to get away with it.

We trust in God alone to administer his Justice in whatever way he sees fit to all those involved in taking of our son Graham from us.



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