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Fatal Crash


The Morning of October 12th 2005 began with Graham leaving the house early about 6.50am.Grahams Dad / Mum & Brother Gary went to their yard early to feed some broodmares and prepare to travel to Kilcullen on business. There is always a radio switched on in the stable yard so they heard a newsflash of a crash and that the Carrick-On-Suir Road was blocked. They heard several more news flashes and then kept on listening for updates as they wanted to start out on their journey. While walking on the roadside near their entrance at approx 9.30 am  Grahams dad noticed two cars approaching and the last car was a Garda car. Both cars stopped a short distance away and the local P.P. Fr. John Delaney got out from his car and started to walk towards him saying the crash down the road involved your son Graham' he is no longer with us. Garda Sgt. John McKnight then got out of his car and handed over an envelope saying those items were in his car' sorry for the bad news he is dead end of story. He then said I am going off duty at 2.30pm could you have him Identified before that time.   Grahams Dad informed he would do this himself and demanded to know why he was not contacted earlier before Graham was removed from the scene. The Garda said we did not know it was Graham until very late on and only found his phone and wallet at the last minute. Liam said what about the car registration and the reply was we had no phone signal in the area to enquire. When the envelope was opened it contained Grahams Driver Licence and Credit Card so it was clear that Graham's identity was known.

The Crash took place at 7.05 am. Graham had died instantly on impact. The Fire Services had arrived at 7.35am. Garda Sgt John McKnight arrived on the scene at 7.40am. Graham was pronounced dead at 7.50am by the attending Doctor. Grahams phone recorded' that it had been used by someone at 7.56am that morning. All his family were only 5 minutes away but no one contacted any of them until the road had been cleared.

The family were distraught because they were not contacted and believe there was a motive behind that decision.


The situation was that a Lorry & Trailer measuring 59'6" travelling from Carrick-On-Suir had moved over on to its incorrect side of the road to enter a narrow by road on its left hand side and in doing so it blocked the main Dungarvan to Carrick-On-Suir Road. It was in the hours of darkness and it was stated in Garda Evidence that the lorry had no middle or rear side lighting.

But they failed to prove this in Court as they could not produce 

Photos of  the Crash Scene.No valid reason was ever given to the family why crash scene photo evidence was not produced in court.

A Nightmare situation for any Road user to arrive at a scene shown above during the hours of Darkness with the road blocked and no lights on the vehicle that

blocked the road.



Instead of the road been closed off and perserved for a Fatal Crash Scene Investigation it was instantly cleared.  All that was available for evidence was a few measurements that were changing by the minute. The Lorry was moved off the main road to a side road' where a brief statement was taken from lorry driver Stephen Kelly.

Records show he changed part of the statement three days later when he was asked to go to Tramore Garda Station to sign it.


Garda Vehicle Inspector Sgt. Joe Robinson arrived at the crash scene and examined the lorry where it was parked up on the side road. He decided to have the lorry impounded and it was taken to The Bus Eireann Depot in Waterford where he had a facility to examine Vehicles. Grahams Mum & Dad went to the scene of the crash to view matters for them selves at 1.30 pm that day but there was no one around and nothing to see only broken glass and two brake marks from Grahams car that were clearly visible and on the correct side of the road in the direction he was travelling.

The Air Bag was not activated on the car as there was

no guard rail fitted on the lorry as required by Law. As a result

the car went under the side of the Lorry.

No Photos were taken of the crash scene by the Gardai ? 

 The above Photo of Grahams car was taken while

it was in Garda Custody.


Liam Norris went to Waterford arriving at the Mortuary at 2.35pm to see son Graham and to identify him. He was met at the doorway by Sgt. J. McKnight who produced a document attached to a clipboard for him to sign after which he disappeared. The Pathologist who was doing the Autopsy on Graham was waiting to get started and informed he was in a hurry as he had another to do in Kilkenny. This was all very dramatic stuff as every one was rushing and no one gave any thought or assistance to the family. Liam asked for time for the family to arrive but he believed he was been harassed and only when he created a scene did things slow down.

He was told that Grahams Coffin would be closed after the Autopsy and that created a terrible situation. In the end after argument everything was postponed to the following day so the family had some time with Graham. The pressure the family had to endure on that day was horrendous and it clearly was not acceptable'

it still haunts all the family.


Grahams Dad has not been able to return to continue his career due to shock and the stress of his sons loss. His Mum has serious stress problems and cannot sleep properly since. She passes time by buying as many newspapers as possible on a daily basis so that she has something to read during the night.

What really shocked her was that no one contacted a Priest to go to the scene and attend to Graham that morning' it was only months later this came to light when Fr.Delaney came to visit and

confirmed he was contacted after 9.am and

asked to contact the family with the news.


Gary spent 3 months in hospital with stress related problems and is not able to return to his career.


Victor is married with two young sons and his life since has been very difficult. He now lives with the sorrow of not having taken time out to spend with Graham as he was always too busy with his work


Glen was to be married and had it postponed for a year and he has terrible problems dealing with the loss of his brother Graham.

The daily visits to Grahams Graveside for family are very traumatic as whatever beliefs they had those beliefs are now shaken beyond repair due to his loss.


Grahams room in the house will always be retained with all his personal items preserved in tact' his lovely clothes and all his memorabilia. His music collection and his script writing are all treasured items. The only addition is a new portrait of Graham that the family can have a chat with each day to try and stay sane.

Every morning the Radio is on by 7am in the Norris Home for  Morning Ireland to see if any other one has died in a crash.

They listen to the same statistics all over again where it is claimed that young men under 25 years' boy racers' full of drink are the cause of most crashes.

The only similarity Graham had with those statistics is he was 26 years old. Graham did not drink or smoke and he certainly was not a boy racer. He lost his life because of a Law Breaking Lorry Owner James Lanigan who failed to ever have his 19 year old  vehicle M.O.T Tested and

Driver  STEPHEN KELLY who was described in Court as a liar and a Man that failed to take responsibility for any of his Actions.



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